• name: Low power melting furnace for copper/brass/bronze
  • number: melting furnace for copper
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 Low power melting furnace for copper/brass/bronze

Melting Furnace : 

1.This product uses electromagnetic induction principle, converting electric energy to heat energy, melt the metal in the molten channel, and melt copper materials in the furnace chamber.
2.This product consists of furnace body,inductor, tilting furnace system, electrical control.
3.Furnace body adopts vertical structure,welded by steel plates. Melting pool is knotted with thermal 

insulation materials and refractory materials.  
4.Inductor consists of iron core, molten channel, coils and water-cooling jacket. Inductor shell is welded together by steel plates, and uses ramming interiorly. 
5.Tilting furnace system: Adopting hydraulic tilting or winding engine to tilt furnace. There is also stand type with no tilting.
6.Electrical system: Adopting three phase balance type, voltage regulation has contactor regulating and board plug these two types. Both of auto-transformer, electric reactor have dry type and water-cooling type these two types, for user to choose.



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Zinc Melting Furnaces

This furnace was using induction heating iron pan,automatic temperature control ,it is very convenient to open and stop the furnace ,it can be hot galvanizing to the iron nut and other accessoies.



Model  Power Capacity(kg) Rated temperature℃
RDX-30 30KW 200 420-500
RDX-50 50KW 350 420-500
RDX-70 70KW 600 420-500
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