• name: Up-casting oxygen-free copper bar continuous production line
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 Up-casting oxygen-free copper bar continuous production line

1. copper wire whole producing line 
2. low budget,low power demand 
3. operate easily 
4. copper wire size can change flexible

Process Specification:
Put copper cathode over the furnace by the lifting system for baking→Adjust the feeding speed according to the casting speed. Feed the copper cathode into the melting furnace for melting (charcoal to be used for avoiding oxidization) → copper liquid flows into the transition part (charcoal is still needed to avoid oxidization) → Copper liquid flows into the holding furnace → Copper liquid flows into the crystallizer to be copper rods → copper rods enter into traction device for upward movement → Go through the output frame →copper rods go through the output frame (to separate each rod) → copper rods go through the tension frame ( to control the take-up speed) → copper rods go through the take-up machine,for coiling → Next process




model SYLZ-6000T SYLZ-4000T SYLZ-2000T
yearly capacity 6000T(year-roung uninterrupted) 4000T(year-roung uninterrupted) 2000T(year-roung uninterrupted)
casting rod number 10 or 12 8 or 10 4
pulling pitch 5mm± adjustable 5mm  
pulling speed 2.8-3.2m/min 2.8m/min  
wirerewinding machine 5 or 6 sets 4 or 5 sets 2 sets
casting rod diameter

Φ 8-30(it can according to customer specical requirement)



induction furnace type joint type Conjoined furnace joint  
drice mode Drive by the servo motor    
wirerewinding mode Automatic collect row stem by computer control    
the weight more than 3 ton 2 ton  1.5ton
conticaster type PLC control Screen Display PLC  
consumed power 300kw 225KW 150KW
installed capacity 350kva 260kva 200kva
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