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 Mortise Lock making machine China manufacturer

Cnc lock body combined machine tool:

The machine tool adopts the servo motor to drive the rotary table, and the working table is driven by a number of tools and fixtures, and the efficiency is high.The hydraulic system and linear guide rail are used for drilling, the drilling speed and the depth are stable, and the depth adjustment is convenient. The PLC numerical control program is used to control the system.Automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic processing, automatic blanking. The operation is simple and convenient.A combination machine can replace seven ordinary machines, and a person can simultaneously operate the 2-3 machine tool work, the efficiency is high, the precision is high.

To complete the processing procedure of the core of the lock:

Feed,Pig Iron, Big Hole, Both Ends Of Drill Holes, Chamfer, Hinged, Tapping, Dropping A Total Of Nine Processes.

Total power10KW/h


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