• name: Machine for making brass door hinges with hinge drilling machine
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Machine for making brass door hinges with hinge drilling machine 

Automatic brass hinge production line

From copper scrap →brass profile→hinges




Production flow: Magnetic separator→Auto Feeder→ Copper melting furnace→ Casting machine→ Cutting machine→ Peeling machine→Straightener machine→ Cutting and forming combined machine→ Drilling Chamfering Machine→ Edge milling machine→ Polishing machine→ Hinge auto assembly machine→ Surface treatment→ Packaging

Essential equipment: Auto Feeder, Copper melting furnace, Casting machine,Cutting machine,peeling machine,Auto cutting and forming combined machine, Drilling Chamfering Machine, Polishing machine

Optional equipment: Magnetic separator,Straighter machine, Edge milling machine, Hinge auto assembly machine, Hinge polishing machine, Surface treatment equipment, Packing machine,cooling system, Environmental protecting machine

Brass hinge production line machines and equipment

1.Magnetic separator





3.Copper melting furnace



4.Casting machine


5.Cutting machine


6.Peeling machine


7.Drilling & cutting machine


Equipment size:1.5m(L)*1m(W)*1.3m(H)    Power:4kw     300pcs/hour

8.Drilling Chamfering Machine


Equipment size:L*W*H=1.3m*0.9m*1.8m

9.Edge milling machine


10.Auto assembly machine---optional equipment


Packaging & Shipping


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