• name: Industrial pneumatic metal head cutting machine with factory price
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 Industrial pneumatic metal head  cutting machine with factory price

This machine using two electrical cabinet, when the load electricity box fault, it can use emergency manual electricity box which can have do not effect for the production, cutting length is accarate, adjustable ,cutting stability and durable.

1  Type 1distance pneumatic cutting machine1A.jpg


Specifications Power(kw) Length Spatial position
Φ8-60 Double motor 5.5kw 2500-3000 400*150
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model specification maximum peeling diameter peeling speed power(kw)
LG-250(A)(B) 3.5M 20dia 0.4m/s 5.5kw
LG-350(A)(B) 3.5M 40dia 0.4m/s 7.5kw
LG-400(A)(B) 4M 60dia 0.4m/s 11kw
LG-500(A)(B) 4M 80dia 0.4m/s 18.5kw
LG-650(A)(B) 4M 120dia 0.4m/s 30kw
LG-850(A)(B) 5M 150dia 0.3m/s 45kw
LG1000(A)(B) 5M 200dia 0.3m/s 75kw



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