• name: Small size electric melting furnace for aluminum /copper
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 Small size electric melting furnace for aluminum /copper

Continuous aluminium scrap melting furnace use the dissolution and heat insulatation furnace to work.The type suitable for middle and small scal die-casting factory or less machine die casting workshop.The charactertic:Safety,Aluminium liqud stable quality,High efficiency,Energy saving(campare with oil liquid-fuel).


The advantages:

1.The electromagnetic principle:Energy saving,Enviromental protection,Accurate temperature control,Less residue.

2.Merits:Cost rate is high,Convenient manual operation.

3.Compare with the oil liquid -fuel and coal furnace,each save the cost of 40%-50% and 20%-30%.

73738b07-93b7-4bb1-8a46-01902f31b8be.jpg  Aluminium melting furnace1A.jpg  Aluminium melting furnace2A.jpg


Model Power(kw) Melting speed (kg/H) Capacity Suitable for machine
L-60 60 60-100 70-120 160T-280T
L-120 120 100-200 150-250 280T-400T
L-120B 120 100-200 400-800 280T-600T Mainpulator


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