• name: Industrial Filtration Cleaning Equipment Bag And Dust Collector Machine
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 Industrial Filtration Cleaning Equipment Bag And Dust Collector Machine

Technology mechanism

1. micro bubble generation.

2. Sedimentation technology.

3. Counter current mechanism.

4. Scum circulation and flocculation technology

5. Hypo-surface capature technology

6. Laminar flow in separation zone technology


Main application

1 Pulp&paper

2 Metal removal

3 Food processing-General

4 Poultry processing

5 Tanneries

6 Daires

 Features: 1) On the basis of the PPW(S) series of equipment, we designed the LFX series of equipment which is used in lower dust contents conditions 2) We change the quantity of pulse bags and optimize the length and diameter ratio. It allows for optimum results



model quanlity of bag (pcs) specification  material of sack high temperature resistant
98# 98 120-1500dia FMS 250℃
144# 144 135-2000dia FMS 250℃
230# 231 135-2000dia FMS 250℃
300# 302 135-2000dia FMS 250℃
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