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Low cost fast speed straightening machine for sale 

Product Description

Straightening machine features:

1.Level ,the fast light adjustment pressure ,hydraulic quick is call straight and arrangement type screw adjusting machine incomparable.

2.Do not need to dial ,remove tedious easy bad screw pressure regulating device, make straightening more any convenient .to ensure the straightening effect.

3.Emergency braking device can cut off  the machine power supply in an instant,in order to ensure the safety of the people and machines straightening  rust removal paint on a one time,is hydraulic separation machine work efficiency many times.

4.The tigers mouth design on both sides of the entrance to increase left and right side of the wheel to improve the safety of the whole machine.

5.Quick adjustment can remove the rust removal system ,increase the system link of steel pipe rust removal ,can quickly adjust the strength of steel wire brush,meet the needs of the strength of all kinds of rust removal ,can quickly remove the follow change after wire brush wear,greatly improving the work efficiency.

6.One piece supply system design ,the system does not need cleaning slag and ash,both to save the electricity cost,and greatly improved the working environment of the operator and the intensity of labor.


specification  power straightening machine knife speed
4-12dia 15kw steel knife 60m/min
6-16dia 18.5kw steel knife 45m/min


Fast speed straightening machine for copper pipeFast speed straightening machine for copper pipe

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