• name: Large size metal electric melting furnace for aluminum alloy
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 Large size metal electric melting furnace  for aluminum alloy

1. Specially equipped for casting machine
2. IGBT electronic components
3. Energy saving by 30%
4. Temperature automatic adjust

Magnetic field goes through the metal of the induction coil, then generate vortex flow(vortex flow: also called Foucault currents. With the electric magnetic induction, current is generated from the inner conductor, much energy is generated by AC magnetic field changes) make metal rise in temperature rapidly and melt. The flow of the HF furnace’s large HF current is coiled to heating coils as circularity or other shapes. ( usually made of copper pipe ).

So the polavity of the magnetic mount of the beam changes by the coils. Putting metal which is heated inside coils, flux would go through the whole heated metal, the opposite direction among the heated metal and heating current would come into being very large eddy current. As resistance is existed among heated metal, so much energy is brought about, then heated metal rises its temperature quickly. The heating processing is achieved finally.






Volume working temperature power temperature melting rate
LHJ-75 400kg 600~900°c 75kw 200kg/h
LHJ-75 800kg 600~900°c 120kw 350kg/h
LHJ-75 1500kg 600~900°c 180kw 550kg/h
LHJ-75 2000kg 600~900°c 240kw 800kg/h
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1. Melting time and power consumption/ton is important to equipment power, raw material shape and weight, operator’s skill level and other elements;
2. Power parameters shall be subject to steel melting; lower power is required by melting of copper, aluminum, zinc or other material with low melting point; please consult Hengyang Technical Department for specific data;
3. Configuration: an intermediate frequency power supply, a capacitor cabinet, an overturn control cabinet, body, two sets of reduction boxes and supports, two water cooling cables, etc.;
Overview and Application


model power(kw) temp(°c) chamber length Note
SJW-A 22.5 900 200*120*3000

pneumatic feeding

SJW-B 55 900 300*250*5000 pneumatic feeding

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