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Medium frequency induction melting furnace for copper

Melt Tin Bronze,brass and red copper can casting round bar φ80-φ250 ,for size φ150-φ200 could double casting or multi casting at the same time.According to customer’s size required,this furnace also apply to brass melting use,put hot metal liquid into holding furnace in order to reduce the losses.



model power

melting capacity

capacity power consumption
GYT-300 75 300 1.4 340
GYT-500 120 500 1.6 320
GYT-750 180 750 2 300
GYT-1000 240 1000 3 280
Related machine

1.Vertical type 4 roller casting machine






model  casting speed(m/s) casting diameter motor power(kw)
SYO-70 0-0.035 5-70dia 2.2
SYO-100 0-0.035 10-100dia 3
SYO-120 0-0.035 60-120dia 4
SYO-160 0-0.035 80-160dia 5.5
SYO-200 0-0.05 10-200dia 7.5

2.Pneumatic cutting machine

This machine uses double motor box,the main control box electrical fault,manually using the emergency electrical box,without impacting production,cut to exact length adjustable feed more durable stability and tool.


model Specification Production speed Device power Air pressure
Q65 Φ6-65 10s/time 3kw 0-1MPA
Q80 Φ10-80 25s/time 4kw 0-1MPA
Q120 Φ20-120 32s/time 5.5kw 0-1MPA
Q160 Φ30-160 45s/time 7.5kw 0-1MPA



Pneumatic cutting machine.JPG



3.Peeling  machine (without heading for single tube)

This machine can peeling without heading, not only reduce labor but improve production efficiency easy to operation and maintenance.

Model specification Effective lengths Drawing speed(m) Main motor power
2T Φ50 2.5-20m 20-30 11kw
5T Φ65 2.5-20m 15-25 18.5kw
10T Φ80 2.5-20m 12-20 37kw
20T Φ120 2.5-20m 10-16 45kw





4.11wheel straightening machine


This machine can straighten materials:brass tube(rod), Bronze tube(bar),aluminum bar

Model Product size Precision Motor power
YT-11A S3-12 0.1mm/100mm 3
YT-11B S5-20 0.1mm/100mm 4
YT-11C S10-40 0.1mm/100mm 5.5
YT-11D S15-55 0.1mm/100mm 7.5




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