• name: Precise straightening polishing machine for copper round pipe
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  polishing machine for copper round pipe


This machine can straighten materials:brass tube (rod),Bronze tube (bar),aluminum bar,copper bar

Can straighten length:1.5-5m


model Product size Precision motor power(kw)
TP2A 5-20dia 0.1mm/100mm 5.5
TP2B 10-45dia 0.2mm/100mm 7.5
TP2C 15-70dia 0.2mm/100mm 11



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 1. Melting furnace and holding furnace

semiautomatic tube polishing machine for brass bar hot sale

This conjoined furnace control by two electric boxes,double oven style could feeding behind, in front of furnace could keep temperature and casting,holding furnace with multiaspect mold installation function.


model power  melting rate chamber capacity
300 75+45 300 1.0+1.8
500 120+75 500 1.6+2.5
750 180+75(120) 750 2.5+4
1000 240+120 1000 3.5+5

2.Peeling machine(without heading double tube) 

semiautomatic tube polishing machine for brass bar hot sale

This machine design without heading,reduce labor and improve production efficiency.Double bar efficiency production faster,electronic control is simple,easy to use,easy to operation and maintenance.

Originally designed for copper,aluminum rod peeling,stretching,special-shaped copper,aluminum,steel excellent drawing effects(steel needs to be strengthened,lubricating oil assort).Double bar double extension φ15 below bar suitable for drawing and improve production efficiency.


model specification peeling length peeling speed power
1.5T Φ15 below 2.5-20m 35-45 11
2T Φ20 below 2.5-20m 30-35 15
5T Φ30 below 2.5-20m 20-25 18.5
10T Φ40 below 2.5-20m 12-20 37
20T Φ50 below 2.5-20m 10-15 45
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