• name: High quality metal tunnel annealing furnace
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 High quality metal tunnel annealing furnace

Tunnel ovens

The burners are located above and below the oven band, by burning the flammable gas to bake the biscuits directly. The inner wall of the oven is painted with organosilicon heat-resistant lacquer (able to withstand a high temperature of up to 500°C). A three-section burner is provided in each temperature zone. There are three burners in each section and each fire can be adjusted

Product Description

1. Stainless steel dough loading and elevator belts
2. Fully-automatic production lines with various capacities
3. Cooling spray system at the exit of the oven providing quicker cooling of the baked goods while moving on the cooling band
4. Smart blading system
5. Stainless steel side panels
6. Project-based manufacturing according to the capacity
7. Automatic dough loading for full automatic production line


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Melt Tin Bronze,brass and red copper can cast round bar φ80-φ250 ,for size φ150-φ200 in the same time , According to customer,s size required ,this furnace also apply to brass melting use, put hot metal liquid into holding furnace in order to reduce the losses.

 Brass bar continuous casting seriesA.jpg

2.Holding furnace series

This horizontal continuous casting line is including holding furnace,4 roll continuous tractor,auto hydraulic clamping,auto sawing and resetting keeping-tracting which is suitable for the producing round brass bar from φ6mm-200mm, flat ingot machine heteromorphosis ingot billet upon customer’s requirement.


3.Pneumatic cutting machine

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The Functional new design double tube heading peeling drawing machine is belongs to metal process devices area of metal rod (tube) surface smooth treatment, which is adopt drawing way to peeling metal rod (tube) or the size blow standard and need to stretch process material .

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