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 High quality double  belt conveyor type absorb iron machine

1 remove the ferrous powder materials 
2 improve the quality of final products 

Magnetic separation:

While gravity separation and froth flotation are two important processes for mineral beneficiation, other methods can be used to concentrate minerals and separate them from gangue and each other. One of these, magnetic separation, is of growing interest because of new developments in high-field-strength magnets. 

Rare-earth Belt Magnetic Separator :
Concentration of iron ore with low-intensity magnetic separators has been used for decades in the recovery of magnetite. Separation of paramagnetic minerals, such as ilmenite and garnet, is accomplished commercially with higher-strength magnets of up to 20, 000 gauss, such as the induced roll. With the development of the high-strength rare-earth permanent magnets, it has become possible to achieve greater capacities on coarser materials at high field strengths. Hazen is knowledgeable and equipped to undertake studies for the separation of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic minerals, using a large variety of commercially available magnetic separators. We cooperate with magnet manufacturers to study the new superconducting magnets, both wet and dry, which have field strengths up to 50, 000 gauss.



model speed magnet type rating power
DXT-A 0.2M/S general magnet 2.2kw
DXT-B 0.2M/S general magnet 3kw
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2.2kw motor 03-ZB2


Double trolley



RV23 oil pump


The height of stroke is 2 meters -2.5 meters

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