• name: High -low undercurrent conjoined furnace for copper
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High -low undercurrent conjoined furnace for copper


Production description :

Two different ways of induction furnace manufacturing:

1. Using the subsurface flow of water insulation design ,the advantage is low loss,

reduce smoke. But the iron plug rod will consume quick and the equipment repair difficulties.

 It also will affect manufacturing.

2.If the induction furnace manufacturing drop the water directly, the ZN will loss 0.3%.

The loss of ZN will cause the soot generation(can use Dry Sack Dedusting Equipment to remove).

The reason why the ZN will loss is brass liquid boiling temperature is 1080,but the ZN is

800-900,so the ZN will be volatile in this process .In the same time the brass water composition will increase.

 The advantage of this method is less problems ,improve work efficiency.

SO we will suggest you to buy the dropped water directly into the induction furnace.

Operational Principle:


1.The brass ring were heating and make the brass scrap melting .The brass slag density is small ,

it will float on the brass water.

2.Accroding to the melting speed ,adding the brass scarp into the melting furnace until it is full.

3.Adding refining agent and deslagging agent improves the temperature and prevents the brass liquid

removed from the induction melting furnace .And after the brass water is boiling ,then remove the brass slag.

4. Check the brass water ingredients, according to your requirement ,adding ZN,AL,PB. When the brass water

reaching the standard , pours into the holding furnace from the melting induction furnace.

Introduction: Two electric box control ,double furnace type and feeding in back ,temperature holding furnace

and casting in front .It is suitable for casting red copper ,copper strips ,copper tube billet ,the temperature holding

furnace with multiaspect mould installation function.





Melting rate

Chamber capacity(ton)

















Packaging &shipping:


Our services:


 The warranty period is one year ,and we will provide technical support for wholelife of the equipment.


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* According to the clients’ special requirement, offering the reasonable plan and free design helping toselect the equipment.

* Welcome to visit our factory.

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* Inspect the machine before leaving the factory.

* Oversea install and debug the equipment.

* Train the first-line operator.

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* 24 hours online service.

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Our company, founded in 1994, is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, in the Pearl River Delta of Nanhai. Our factory is building area of 4000 square meters, with all kinds of mechanical processing equipment. Engaged in research and development, we are a professional manufacturer of many kinds of copper rod, brass and lead casting machines, straightening machines, straightening and polishing machines, hydromatic drawlooms, copper and aluminum melting furnaces, temperature holding furnace and other production equipment.Our company put the environmental protection,energy saving,non-pollution as an important index of electric furnace production.

We provide the price inquires,technical consultation and training furnace maintain and reasonable matching guidance for a new copper factory after several years effort.

Our customer




Our company is specialized in copper processing machinery. In this respect, we have more than 20 years of experience.

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