• name: Large galvanizing furnace and large 0'zin melting furnace
  • number: Large galvanizing furnace
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Large galvanizing furnace and large 0'zin melting furnace

The characteristics of this kind of furnace, the furnace structure is reasonable, convenient operation and maintenance, heat preservation performance is good, small heat loss, furnace wall not agglomeration, good power play, molten pool temperature difference is small, the material melt quickly. Sensors don't production it can be mended, will be able to change, remove the sensor single power overhaul, can also be a single voltage regulation. Sensors for wind is decentralized and centralized, and have a backup fan. Zinc ring box and furnace in the form of flange connection, such as found leakage phenomenon of zinc and zinc ring box produce to repair, can use equipment on the attachment tool set to freeze the zinc ring mouth, monohydrate replaced the zinc ring box.



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